Nations continued

Hello, Endale fans! If you liked the details on our first few nations, you are sure to enjoy these next few.

Causean – The country of Causean is home to the Lowland Barbarians.  Master mariners and ship builders, this race of Endale is best known for their golden shorelines, teaming with the finest crafted ships. Although craftsmen by trade, their harbors are notorious safe havens for various pirates and criminals. As Endale’s center for black market goods and ill-favored guests, their capital city has been suitably named The City of Thieves.

Nydelimma – Against the common principles of the Lowlanders, the Highland Barbarians, noble and humble farmers, are proud to call Nydelimma their home. Supplying Endale with large harvests and livestock, these people pride themselves on fertile soil and prime cattle. These people are also highly noted for their skills with a bow, axe and sword alike. Powerful warriors and diligent farmers, what better to compliment their wealthy contribution to Endale’s people than being the finest producers of potent spirits and wine.

Ales – Located in the northeast mountain terrain of Endale, Ales proves a fortified home for the Dwarves. Along with the natural protection of the mountains, comes a rich lode of minerals and rare metals, making the Dwarves the finest miners and metal workers in Endale. These Dwarven craftsmen are Endale’s main source of the finest weaponry, armor and jewelery, proving to be the wealthiest country. You will never hear of a Dwarf who could refuse a frothy mug of cold brew. Along with their weapon trade, Ales is home to the biggest breweries in the World. Lifetime friends of the Highland Barbarians for their shared passion, these Dwarves are never at a loss to invite all to come celebrate the new brewing season.

I hope you all like the reveal of Endale’s nations up to now! Please, leave us your critiques and questions below and always check in to see our progress on the development of Endale Adventures!

2 responses to “Nations continued

  1. I love all the nations! You guys thought of everything! I only have one question… Other than the shadow elves, have there ever been any other conflicts between nations or races?

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