REH: Legends – The God in the Bowl – Part 4!

It’s been a long time coming, but it has finally hit the interwebs! Part 4 is up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Some time has passed since our release of Part 3 (mostly due to editing and timing issues) but rest assured that more changes are coming!


A glimpse into the future:

We here at Endale Studios have been discussing, in full detail, the evolution and scope of where we hope to go with these stories.

For starters, we are going to be re-releasing The God in the Bowl as a full-length animated story. In doing so, a final, “polishing pass” will take care of a lot of the minor character model issues (colors, clothing pop, facial expressions, etc.) as well as full-scale lighting and environment changes to bring out the definition of the scenes.

Along with just minor visual alterations, we are in discussion with a few voice actors to bolster the strongly present narrative of the story, as well as giving each character more depth and personality.

Timing will definitely be a priority, seeing that the pacing will match the dialogue and allow for better audio and SFX integration.

Understand that these changes will all take time to master, however, our following stories will still be produced in full-swing within the current format, pending a Master editing pass.


Watch Part 4 HERE! and make sure to watch through the credits to get a sneak peak at our next story in the queue.

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