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Through the flames, our Heroes emerge!

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We finally battled through the smoke and stumbled upon the flame. The sparks of creation have stirred and it only took a few embers to form this warrior group, the Mystics.

This culmination of heroes is the focus of our tales. Six of Endale’s greatest warriors encountering tremendous peril and fighting for the world around them, can our Heroes live up to their legacy?

Master Jimi – This being of extreme wisdom and knowledge has tasked himself with the recording of our groups adventures. Acting as their guiding hand, he assists our heroes with tough decisions, although, more often redirecting them toward a path rimmed with danger. Origins Unknown, his vast knowledge and personal experiences imply an ageless soul. His mastery of multi-form martial arts echoes throughout Endale by his students who have endured his mentoring. Uniquely small compared to most other races, his aged appearance proves deceivingly favorable when underestimated by his foes. Strong in both mind and matter, Master Jimi is seemingly withdrawn in his combat efforts, intensely calculating a quick and final path to his opponent’s end. In the face of a serious threat, he maintains a careless, jovial demeanor, at times infuriating his companions.

Kane – A born son of the Causean Nation, Kane has a strong passion for the sea. However, refusing to submit his efforts to a corrupt nation’s whims, he defected from the Causean Fleet at a young age, seeing no personal glory in the persecution of the weak. Ultimately leading him to the unwarranted commandeering of the Causean ship, The Mystic, he now boasts the branded title of Causean’s Most Wanted. Unlike his Causean brand, Kane is an honorable, likable man of his word. Living by a strong moral code of wine, women and song, he is rarely seen without a smile from ear to ear. With the stature of a giant, his appearance absolutely opposes his personality. Strong, yet humble, Kane is known to be the first to shed a tear for the unfortunate and strike out against an opressor. Utilizing his giant-like strength, he wields a gargantuan sword. A massive, two-handed cleaver acquired as a hero of the O’grim War, this weapon is unwieldy to most, yet he swings it as if it was a feather. Very protective of his friends and for the love of a good brawl, Kane is hasty to throw the first punch in their defense.

Priest – At home in the kingdom of Edalend, Priest is the last surviving member of the Elite Crusaders, the nation’s exclusive sect of holy soldiers. Dispatched in a last-ditch effort to fend off the O’grim onslaught, the Crusaders endured days of continuous combat until a combined force of Endale’s nations arrived to the sight of one man holding his ground. From that day forward, he can be distinguished by his brooding gaze and dark visage. Since joining our hero group, he has a renewed outlook on his purpose in this world. Incredibly tall and powerfully built, his combat tactics and military prowess are a strong asset to the group. Dual-wielding his Elite Sabers, he is one of the most deadly swordsman in Endale. Acknowledged as not being his birth name, “Priest” is a title defined by his highborn beliefs from childhood. Only his closest friends know of his true name, Marigold, but only Kane has the nerve to use it sparingly.

Mistos – Second son of the acting king of the Woodland Elves, Mistos is anything but princely in his demeanor. After breaking away several years ago from the political fallout that exiled his Uncle, Aran, the rightful king of Telanyth, it is his belief that the exile was unwarranted. Leaving little to be explained, Mistos left with his cousin, Raven, Aran’s adolescent daughter, concerned for her protection. Taking her to Master Jimi for concealment, he remained with them to assist with much of Raven’s training. Finding humor in any and all situations, he is quick-witted with obtuse jokes, impromptu songs, and the careless mockery of inadequate foes. He exhibits a strong bloodlust for battle and death, implying a strong psychologically disturbing aura about him. Only to compliment his love for combat, Mistos uses his long elvish blades with an unorthodox fighting style, confusing yet deadly. Staying close to the group to keep a watchful eye on his cousin, he has essentially developed a strong friendship with all, especially Gwynn.

Raven – The Half-Elf daughter of exiled King Aran, Raven lost many bonds to the Woodland Elf ways, letting much of her mother’s Human traits guide her. Brought to Master Jimi at a young age, she is only aware of what happened to her parents from what Mistos has told her. While studying under Master Jimi, she grew close to his only other student at the time, Gwynn. Being of Woodland Elf origin, she displays only a few common features of their race; emerald streaks of hair, green eyes and elven ears. Highly trained in unarmed martial arts, she is as deadly with a weapon as she is without. Focusing on an array of bladed weaponry, her weapon of personal choice, dual Elven axes, reflects the same weapon choice of her father, Aran. Due to her secretive past, Raven maintains an untrusting persona, often resulting in emotional confusion. The only person she trusts with no question is Gwynn, silently non-judgmental of her thoughts and dreams. Under the veil of rumors and what Mistos tells her is and isn’t true of her past, she is driven to find out the truth for herself to clear her family name.

Gwynn – Life long student and raised by Master Jimi, Gwynn thinks of him beyond a mentor. Knowing that Master Jimi is not his true father, his past and origin remain in shadow. Human in appearance, his physical traits are deceivingly superior to all other races. His strength exceeds that of the greatest Barbarians and Dwarves. His speed and agility rival that of the Elves. His tactics and strategy, although not always clear to the others, are among the greatest tacticians. Master Jimi will only admit to his being better than most, yet reserves his explanation for Gwynn’s virtue. Although youthful in appearance, he sports a mane of white hair, eyes silver like the stars and tanned skin like that of the Lith Elves. Well versed in all of Master Jimi’s fighting techniques, Gwynn could stand up to most any opposition. Like his closest friend, Raven, his past is an artifact, ancient in nature. Showing little to no emotion most of the time, he is a leader of few words, making the ones he chooses powerful and effective to all. Not knowing his official past or origin, his purpose in Endale is shrouded and unclear.

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The Adventure begins!

So, here it is! The first Endale development entry of many to come. We would like to welcome you to view our development process and assist with any comments along the way.

We will start with a quick introduction of who we are and the path we tread.

Senior Creative Director – Louis Marraffino, Story developer, character creator, and main storyboard artist, brings a classic, old-world touch to how fantasy stories should be told. From the world of Conan the Barbarian, all the way to classic Marvel comics, Lou is the ideal man in charge of creative direction. The Endale story would not  have come to fruition without his brilliant insight and imaginative skill.

Lead Artist/Animator – Bryce Struck, Creative Assisant and Lead animator, brings the young and the new ideas to the table. With a passion for modern gaming and storytelling, Bryce assists with keeping the story fresh and unique. Drawing, animating and digital design are only a few of Bryce’s skill sets applied to the Endale realm, and like any creative counterpart, he keeps close watch over story direction.

Aside from the boring intro, we would like to open your eyes to the story at hand. If you’ve ever seen a great medieval movie or read a historic fantasy novel, you are only half way to understanding the world of Endale. Our story focuses on a group of six warriors, each with their own specific combat skills and emotionally deep character personas.

Gwynn, our main story protagonist, prominently keeps to himself and inadvertently affects the people and events around him. Always thinking 5 steps ahead, Gwynn tends to confuse his warrior allies with his lone wolf tactics. Holding no weapon dear, his seemingly unmatched fighting prowess has no equal. Although he rejects the spotlight, he plays a bigger part in this world than he could even care to imagine. Without the necessity to be around others, he casts a level of loyalty toward his warrior companions, who would follow him to any end.

Companionship is key to how one makes choices, so who better to accompany our main hero than a perceivably psychotic, Woodland Elf? Mistos, a warrior beyond conventional tactics, always finds humor even in the most dire situations. Laughing, bantering, and insurmountable antagonization define this Elf best. Close relative to our next warrior companion, this Elf follows his own ethical code, swayed by no one.

On the topic of Elves, why not introduce one more?…or half of one? Raven, our half-elf warrior female, exiled from her home for reasons clouded by mystery and intrigue, views Gwynn as her true leader and soulmate. Trained from youth in the art of the axe, Raven despises the use of most other weapons, however proficient with all. Adorned with mesmerizing green eyes that gleam with a hint of sadness, Raven is deadly and beautiful. Standing alongside our two towering human companions, she looks innocent by comparison.

Casting gargantuan shadows, Kane and Priest rival all who challenge their might. Without challenge, Kane is your run-of-the-mill womanizing mercenary. A heart of gold and a smile comparable to his excessive stature, he swoons the entire realm with his prominent flex. No female, excluding Raven, can resist his charm. Proud of his prowess with his massive, two-handed Orc cleaver, he completes the ensemble of a strong warrior. The first into any dispute is also the first to shed an emotional tear for the weak and helpless.

Longtime mercenary brother, Priest, closely resembles the dialogue-lacking Gwynn in personality. His few words spoken are measured and weighed carefully. As a unique military officer, he provides intricate and insightful strategy to the group’s endeavors. His true name, known to none, relays his past as a young man following the ways of holy enlightenment. Seeing the corrupt politics of the priesthood, he decided to utilize his natural physical strength and size to become a more deciding factor in the battle against evil. Always praying silently to himself and providing spiritual wisdom, the group has labeled him Priest.

Mentor and wise hand of the group, Master Jimi, appears shrouded in mystery yet open and whimsical in his ways. Not much is known of Master Jimi’s origins, but what he adds to the group is the guiding force that binds them together.