The Races of Endale

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Nations continued

Hello, Endale fans! If you liked the details on our first few nations, you are sure to enjoy these next few.

Causean – The country of Causean is home to the Lowland Barbarians.  Master mariners and ship builders, this race of Endale is best known for their golden shorelines, teaming with the finest crafted ships. Although craftsmen by trade, their harbors are notorious safe havens for various pirates and criminals. As Endale’s center for black market goods and ill-favored guests, their capital city has been suitably named The City of Thieves.

Nydelimma – Against the common principles of the Lowlanders, the Highland Barbarians, noble and humble farmers, are proud to call Nydelimma their home. Supplying Endale with large harvests and livestock, these people pride themselves on fertile soil and prime cattle. These people are also highly noted for their skills with a bow, axe and sword alike. Powerful warriors and diligent farmers, what better to compliment their wealthy contribution to Endale’s people than being the finest producers of potent spirits and wine.

Ales – Located in the northeast mountain terrain of Endale, Ales proves a fortified home for the Dwarves. Along with the natural protection of the mountains, comes a rich lode of minerals and rare metals, making the Dwarves the finest miners and metal workers in Endale. These Dwarven craftsmen are Endale’s main source of the finest weaponry, armor and jewelery, proving to be the wealthiest country. You will never hear of a Dwarf who could refuse a frothy mug of cold brew. Along with their weapon trade, Ales is home to the biggest breweries in the World. Lifetime friends of the Highland Barbarians for their shared passion, these Dwarves are never at a loss to invite all to come celebrate the new brewing season.

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The Continent of Endale

Continent of Endale

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The world of Endale has taken form!

Allow me to introduce the “Nations of Endale” as seen on this overhead continental map.

Edalend – Known to most as the largest Capital of Endale, Edalend is the eldest home of Humans. King Lukas, ruler and arguably the most understanding of Endale’s leaders, oversees his land without heavy concern over petty differences. It is a land where many races can call home and the economy is bolstered by its trade with the other various nations across Endale. Trade agreements with the northern Dwarves of Ales, the woodland Elves of Telanyth, and the Barbarians beyond the Elder Woods, make Edalend a hub for the world’s finest offering of Endale’s resources.

Telanyth – The largest of the Elven nations, Telanyth is the primary home of the Woodland Elves. Noted artisans of all craft they produce, carpentry and architecture are among their most skilled trades. Contrary to their keen eye for detail and structure, this nation seems to be filled with political turmoil and distrust. Although considered one of Endale’s greatest nations, Telanyth is teetering on the edge of a dull blade. King Tyrrin is what keeps this proud nation from folding in on itself.

Lith – Where many have coined the term “Desert Elf”, these Elves prefer their ascended title as the Lith Elf. The Lith is the flowing desert that lies North of Edalend. These nomadic Elves are not united by a solitary capital, instead broken into smaller, tribal units ruled over by the one, Chief Thoron, the Eagle of the Lith. Among rare desert flowers and vast gilded geodes used for jewelcraft, the Lith Elf craft of most worth in Endale is the breeding of the majestic Arid Stallion.

Nyr – The nation of the Shadow Elves, Nyr(pronounced Nire) stands as a firm, formidable ally to Edalend. These nocturnal Elves are praised as skillful alchemists and scientists, boasting a vast knowledge of medicines and healing remedies. Their nation, guided by Lord Daray, has benefited greatly due to the peace treaty between themselves, Telanyth, and the Dwarven nation, Ales. The treaty has alloted them the privilege of travel and trade without hinderance from neighboring nations, likewise strengthening their resolve.

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Endale Blog’s New Makeover

Hello again, Endale fans!

We are pleased to show you our blog’s new look! Complete with scroll parchment and elder-script header, the blog takes on new form as we continue to update and fascinate from the world of Endale!

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The Adventure begins!

So, here it is! The first Endale development entry of many to come. We would like to welcome you to view our development process and assist with any comments along the way.

We will start with a quick introduction of who we are and the path we tread.

Senior Creative Director – Louis Marraffino, Story developer, character creator, and main storyboard artist, brings a classic, old-world touch to how fantasy stories should be told. From the world of Conan the Barbarian, all the way to classic Marvel comics, Lou is the ideal man in charge of creative direction. The Endale story would not  have come to fruition without his brilliant insight and imaginative skill.

Lead Artist/Animator – Bryce Struck, Creative Assisant and Lead animator, brings the young and the new ideas to the table. With a passion for modern gaming and storytelling, Bryce assists with keeping the story fresh and unique. Drawing, animating and digital design are only a few of Bryce’s skill sets applied to the Endale realm, and like any creative counterpart, he keeps close watch over story direction.

Aside from the boring intro, we would like to open your eyes to the story at hand. If you’ve ever seen a great medieval movie or read a historic fantasy novel, you are only half way to understanding the world of Endale. Our story focuses on a group of six warriors, each with their own specific combat skills and emotionally deep character personas.

Gwynn, our main story protagonist, prominently keeps to himself and inadvertently affects the people and events around him. Always thinking 5 steps ahead, Gwynn tends to confuse his warrior allies with his lone wolf tactics. Holding no weapon dear, his seemingly unmatched fighting prowess has no equal. Although he rejects the spotlight, he plays a bigger part in this world than he could even care to imagine. Without the necessity to be around others, he casts a level of loyalty toward his warrior companions, who would follow him to any end.

Companionship is key to how one makes choices, so who better to accompany our main hero than a perceivably psychotic, Woodland Elf? Mistos, a warrior beyond conventional tactics, always finds humor even in the most dire situations. Laughing, bantering, and insurmountable antagonization define this Elf best. Close relative to our next warrior companion, this Elf follows his own ethical code, swayed by no one.

On the topic of Elves, why not introduce one more?…or half of one? Raven, our half-elf warrior female, exiled from her home for reasons clouded by mystery and intrigue, views Gwynn as her true leader and soulmate. Trained from youth in the art of the axe, Raven despises the use of most other weapons, however proficient with all. Adorned with mesmerizing green eyes that gleam with a hint of sadness, Raven is deadly and beautiful. Standing alongside our two towering human companions, she looks innocent by comparison.

Casting gargantuan shadows, Kane and Priest rival all who challenge their might. Without challenge, Kane is your run-of-the-mill womanizing mercenary. A heart of gold and a smile comparable to his excessive stature, he swoons the entire realm with his prominent flex. No female, excluding Raven, can resist his charm. Proud of his prowess with his massive, two-handed Orc cleaver, he completes the ensemble of a strong warrior. The first into any dispute is also the first to shed an emotional tear for the weak and helpless.

Longtime mercenary brother, Priest, closely resembles the dialogue-lacking Gwynn in personality. His few words spoken are measured and weighed carefully. As a unique military officer, he provides intricate and insightful strategy to the group’s endeavors. His true name, known to none, relays his past as a young man following the ways of holy enlightenment. Seeing the corrupt politics of the priesthood, he decided to utilize his natural physical strength and size to become a more deciding factor in the battle against evil. Always praying silently to himself and providing spiritual wisdom, the group has labeled him Priest.

Mentor and wise hand of the group, Master Jimi, appears shrouded in mystery yet open and whimsical in his ways. Not much is known of Master Jimi’s origins, but what he adds to the group is the guiding force that binds them together.