The Continent of Endale

Continent of Endale

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The world of Endale has taken form!

Allow me to introduce the “Nations of Endale” as seen on this overhead continental map.

Edalend – Known to most as the largest Capital of Endale, Edalend is the eldest home of Humans. King Lukas, ruler and arguably the most understanding of Endale’s leaders, oversees his land without heavy concern over petty differences. It is a land where many races can call home and the economy is bolstered by its trade with the other various nations across Endale. Trade agreements with the northern Dwarves of Ales, the woodland Elves of Telanyth, and the Barbarians beyond the Elder Woods, make Edalend a hub for the world’s finest offering of Endale’s resources.

Telanyth – The largest of the Elven nations, Telanyth is the primary home of the Woodland Elves. Noted artisans of all craft they produce, carpentry and architecture are among their most skilled trades. Contrary to their keen eye for detail and structure, this nation seems to be filled with political turmoil and distrust. Although considered one of Endale’s greatest nations, Telanyth is teetering on the edge of a dull blade. King Tyrrin is what keeps this proud nation from folding in on itself.

Lith – Where many have coined the term “Desert Elf”, these Elves prefer their ascended title as the Lith Elf. The Lith is the flowing desert that lies North of Edalend. These nomadic Elves are not united by a solitary capital, instead broken into smaller, tribal units ruled over by the one, Chief Thoron, the Eagle of the Lith. Among rare desert flowers and vast gilded geodes used for jewelcraft, the Lith Elf craft of most worth in Endale is the breeding of the majestic Arid Stallion.

Nyr – The nation of the Shadow Elves, Nyr(pronounced Nire) stands as a firm, formidable ally to Edalend. These nocturnal Elves are praised as skillful alchemists and scientists, boasting a vast knowledge of medicines and healing remedies. Their nation, guided by Lord Daray, has benefited greatly due to the peace treaty between themselves, Telanyth, and the Dwarven nation, Ales. The treaty has alloted them the privilege of travel and trade without hinderance from neighboring nations, likewise strengthening their resolve.

Follow us until next time when we continue our reveal of Endale’s nations! Comments and suggestions appreciated!